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SendGrid is Coming to San Diego – Free Event

After taking the SendGrid Delivered tour to fourteen cities across the US, South America, and Europe, we’re happy to announce that they’re heading to San Diego! This is a free event (downtown) with great speakers and SendGrid experts who will present the latest tips, tricks, and trends from the email world. Check out the agenda! […]

San Diego Startup Buzz, in case you missed it…

TakeLessons launches a new platform that serves more than just musicians, Embarke and Shopventory each raise over $1M, and Cashie Commerce launches BitCoin powered commerce! At Startup San Diego, we’re always looking for ways to promote the ecosystem, the companies, and the entrepreneurs who are working tirelessly to better themselves, their businesses, and our community. […]

5 Ways to be a Better Mentor

Mentoring is hard.

Mentoring is also a more significant part of the economy today than since, perhaps, apprentorship in the craftsman age. Why? The rise of entrepreneurship and the freelance economy is similar to the craftsman age since as the very structure of the economy undergoes massive transformation, workers are increasingly required to find their own means of making a living.

During the Industrial age, most labor was focused on optimizing repeatable tasks. Repeatable tasks are taught. Mentoring was more focused on developing leadership qualities, responsible for corporate management. See Blank’s Sloan vs Durant. Today’s mentoring must teach leadership, too, but additionally, the nature of entrepreneurship.