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Color 1.png

SSD Blue (primary)


RGB (76, 195, 239)

CMYK (60, 2, 1, 0)

Color 2.png

SSD Blue (secondary)


RGB (12, 137, 180)

CMYK (80, 27, 15, 0)

Color 3.png

SSD Dark (black alt)


RGB (65, 60, 72)

CMYK (71, 69, 51, 43)


Primary: Raleway

Titles & Numbers:


Body Text: Kameron

Logo(s): Bebas

When writing as StartupSD:

Overall tone is casual and friendly, and above all, helpful. Be extremely concise and always use correct grammar. Italicize and underline very rarely. Never use all caps mid-sentence. Paragraphs, excluding articles and speaker bios, should be kept to 5 sentences or less.