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Founders Fight Club


Founder Fight Club (Demo Night) Application

Please read and complete the application below to be considered.


Date: Thursday, January 26th; Doors @ 6pm (Must be there by 4:30pm)
Where: Downtown Public Library – 330 Park Ave, 92101
What: Founder Fight Club
  • The first rule of Founder Fight Club is: you do not talk about Founder Fight Club.
  • The second rule of Founder Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club, unless you’re promoting it!
  • Third rule of Founder Fight Club: if someone yells “stop!”, goes limp, taps out, or says the word “unicorn,” the fight is over.
  • Fourth rule of Founder Fight Club is: only two founders to a fight.


  • 12 Startups chosen to pitch.
  • Featherweight Round
    6 “bouts” where 2 founders have 30 seconds each to pitch their startups. Top 6 go through to Welterweight Round.
  • Welterweight Round
    6 bouts where winners have 2 minutes each to pitch their startups. Top 3 go through to the main event.
  • The Main Event: Heavyweight Round
    3 round match
    First: 30 Second Pitch
    Second: Rapid fire questions from judges
    Third: One Word: Leave us with one word that sums your Startup up! (Better make it good!)

    (Note: Although we’d love to let everyone who applies join, due to time and space, we only able to invite 12 startups to Founder Fight Club. We try to put together a diverse and varied lineup, so if you aren’t invited this time, please apply for the next one!)

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