Convergence 2017: Mentor Night  & Domain Expert Hours

Who: Startups & Mentors

What: Get help with exactly what you need help on to start and grow your business.

When: Friday, January 27th, 2017 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Where: EvoNexus

Mentor topics:

  • Fundraising Strategy
  • GTM
  • User Acquisition
  • Product Features
  • Incubators/Accelerators
  • Customer Acquisition
  • B2B Direct Sales
  • Sales Conversion
  • Product
  • Business Model
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Product Commercialization

Areas of Domain Expertise:

    • Operations
      • Scaling up Global Operations
      • Product Development
      • Strategic Partnerships
    • Marketing/PR
      • strategy positioning
      • targeting and messaging for go to market plans
      • Dissect competitive landscapes
      • develop a strategy to position their unique innovation and increase sales revenue
    • Design (UI/UX)
      • Define customer personas
      • Match personas to unique value propositions,
      • Generate roadmaps
      • Audit existing UX
      • Define new UX to achieve company goals

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Want some advice on your Startup?

Startup San Diego offers Mentor Hours for San Diego entrepreneurs. To participate, the criteria for participating is that you are a founder, co-founder or principal of a San Diego-based tech startup. This is primarily for those with concerns about go to market, growth hacking, funding, or other related issues that would benefit from an intense thirty-minute session with an experienced entrepreneur who has not only faced, but solved those issues for their companies.

Be prepared to:

      • Explain what you do in 3-5 minutes MAX
      • Articulate 1 or 2 most pressing issues/hurdles/problems they could help with
      • Make the issues tangible, but NOT money — this is not a fundraising session
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  • At least one member of your team must be working full time on the startup

  • You have assessed your market and talked with potential customers.

  • You have a good sense of the size of your total market potential, including existing competitors

  • We have a Minimally Viable Product

  • You have shown your MVP to prospects and/or early customers

  • You have real, immediate, market issues to discuss with the Mentors and are not fundraising or stealth co-founder shopping

  • This is your top issue to address and solve at the Mentor session

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