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SDSW 2015 — Growth Track

Taking a startup from the idea to a thriving business can be difficult to say the least. The Growth Track of San Diego Startup Week had the idea, proven its market viability, developed the product and gotten some seed capital to start building your business. Now it’s time to go beyond your next 10 customers, beyond your next 100 customers and start to figure out how you’re going to scale your business to capture your next 1,000 customers and start seeing a return on all the time, energy and capital that you’ve invested into your business.

The challenges that face companies at this phase are vast. Between the limited resources available to startups that require you to stretch every dollar to its limit, marketing and sales management, there are a lot of pitfalls along the way that can cause startups to fail. The Growth Track offers programming to help you avoid those pitfalls and keep your business growing.

Here are just a few of the programs offered in the Growth Track of San Diego Startup Week:

2015 Seachange Funding Startups: For the past few years, we’ve all been wondering what the impact of the JOBS Act (Regulation A+) was going to have on our community. We knew that it would be big – it turns out it’s bigger. RegA+ could be the single largest game changer since the inception of the stock market. Get your questions answered during this moderated discussion.

From the Eyes of the VC…You Be the Judge: Come learn some crucial fundraising tips at this lunchtime session from experienced startup and venture capitalist Austin Neudecker. Stick around to put your VC hat on and judge a startup pitch for yourself!

Marketing and Sales for Companies with Series A Investment: Are you ready for your Series A investment? Typically you need to show that you have a marketing strategy that is able to scale but you just need the money and staff to help you implement it. In this session we’ll focus on how to create a scalable marketing strategy and how to communicate that strategy and show its impact to potential investors.

The Growth Track of San Diego Startup Week will prove to be an impactful track of programming with great speakers, experienced moderators and, of course, other startups who are and have been in your shoes to network with.