Watch Jeremiah Gardner’s Talk from 2016 SDSW

If you have spent any time in a startup, you may notice one thing: these co-founders, developers, marketers, and other technology professionals run on passion. This drive is about creating value in the world and making an impact.

But once you get a group of passionate people together, sparks may fly. Jeremiah Gardner, one of our 2017 SDSW speakers, gave an excellent talk last year on the art and science of value creation and how our approaches, or in his words “ideologies,” can divide us.

There are many philosophies about how one creates value. When building an application or piece of technology, we all have our different approaches — whether that’s creating a solid MVP, creating the design, or relying on the tenets of lean startup.

Jeremiah explains that the value we create overrides any dogma that we may adhere to. He argues, to create value we all need to look at both sides. “It’s both art, and it’s both science,” says Jeremiah. “It’s inspiration, and it’s rigor. These are the things that help create impact [and] value; in the world, as a community, and among the creatives and technologists of San Diego.”

Jeremiah is the principal at Moves The Needle and a leading voice in both creative and technology in San Diego, and he helps organizations reframe the way they approach innovation, growth, and brand development. He is also the author of the bestselling book, “The Lean Brand.”

Watch Jeremiah’s talk below from last June and get inspired!

P.S. Be sure to check out one of Jeremiah’s talks (in the flesh) at 2017 SDSW.