Winners of the Week 2017

Design – Adobe Creative Jam

  • Theme: Poke the Bear []
  • JUDGE’S CHOICE AWARD – 1st Place: Team EFM: Colt Solano
  • JUDGE’S CHOICE AWARD – 2nd Place: Team CRUX: Phillip Faniola & Katie Frehafer
  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD – TIE: Team The Tables Have Kerned: Brett Marshall & Taylor Bastone
  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD – TIE: Team Innova: Tara Jensen & John Alexander


Bio/MedMedStartr Pitch Fest

  • Hear biotech startups do their best 5 minute pitch to investors and fellow entrepreneurs in a pitch competition organized by MedStartr
  • Crowd voted fav – Kinaptic – Joseph Curcio
  • 2nd Place – Glyconmedics – Nick Gorgani
  • 1st Place – Cellanyx – Ashok Chander

CleanTechGreen Pitch Slam

San Diego is a hub of CleanTech innovation, which was demonstrated by the exciting Green Pitch Slam event held yesterday! We are very excited to present the top 3 winners of this extremely close competition.

  • 3rd Place – VOR
  • 2nd Place – Aquam
  • 1st place – Icarus

CleanTech / CyberSecurity – Smart Cities Hackathon

    These contestants put together an app that will help solve problems with traffic, parking, public safety, urban planning, and environmental challenges.

    • 3rd Place ($500) – Changuen Park
      • Created a Parking Optimization App
    • 2nd Place ($1,000) – Rauhmel Fox
      • Created an app to help report possible drunk drivers
    • 1st Place ($2,000) – Daniel Heriman
      • Created an app to help business owners find the ideal location for their storefront

      FutureIoT Challenge

      Contestants were given gadgets, hardware, sensors, etc to create something extraordinary.


      • 5th Place – Coffeebot, Neelima Sharma
      • 4th Place – Team Tosti, Ashley Khor & Andrew Lam
      • 3rd Place – GoCane, Andrew Cadwallander
      • 2nd Place – Beybi Tracker, Burak Dugan
      • 1st Place –, Jose Montraverde
      Winners received Windows Azure Passes

      Social – Founders Fight Club

      • Chad Triton of Koriist

      DeveloperMindtouch / AWS – Serverless Hackathon’

      “We had 10 teams create a running text-based adventure engine as an Alexa Skill application complete with voice prompts and original story within 2h30. It was fun. It was awesome. It was epic!”

      • LambdaSharp