12 Companies Selected for this Year’s Startup Incubator Program

Posted: September 26, 2022

By Ella Napata

2022 Incubator Companies

Thanks to our board members, Startup Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, and partnership with Nufund Ventures and Connect we’ve narrowed down the applications and have officially selected 12 companies to be part of this year’s Startup Incubator program! We’re excited to announce the Incubatees, what their companies are about, and share their incubator journey with you. 

These companies will work hand-in-hand with our Incubator Commanders and startup experts and learn how to bootstrap and accelerate their startups for growth. Watch their journey through our Incubator Open Sessions and learn how to grow a startup. Help us give a big congratulations to the new Startup Incubator companies: 

1) Craft-Your-Bra

Craft Your Bra

Rachael Lafenhagen, Founder

Modular Bras for an Irregular World. Customers will use an integrated app or our website to select their customizations. We offer one-time purchasing or tiered subscription plans, and discounts for trade-ins. We will qualify for durable medical equipment so breast cancer fighters and survivors can use their insurance. Advertising will be on social media sites, as well as local ads and breast cancer events throughout San Diego and expanding throughout the country as we grow. 

2) Dormit


Kishan Pansuria, Founder

We purchase high demand, high margin inventory from distributors. $1.95 delivery fee

will be charged. Will charge fees to business who want to advertise their products on our platform. 

3) Knowtex


Caroline Zhang, Founder

Knowtex makes doctors 2x more efficient through automated note-taking and billing by creating visit notes with medical codes automatically from doctor-patient conversations.

4) Leah


Mariah Mendez, Founder

Leah is a mobile application aiding family caregivers in their senior’s medication management. B-C: Reach family caregivers and those that manage their own health through recreational centers, community centers, senior living facilities, pharmacies, LabCorp’s, and gyms

5) MeCo Diagnostics

MeCo Diagnostics

Adam Watson, Founder

Predictive diagnostics to unleash a new breast cancer therapy. Our core technology is the MeCo Score, a prognostic and predictive biomarker that stratifies early-stage breast cancer patients for risk of metastasis, and it provides the rationale for targeted prevention in high-risk patients using low-toxicity antifibrotic drugs for mechanical deconditioning therapy, a forthcoming pillar of cancer care.

6) Oh Daisey

Oh Daisey

Natasha Cantleberry, Founder

Oh Daisey is focused on connecting low-toxic salons to like-minded humans. Our online database promotes salons and spas that specialize in low-toxic & clean chemistry products, are environmentally conscious and have a holistic approach to beauty. Our services encourage a non-toxic lifestyle and rally for a cleaner and brighter future. We believe our marketing and advertising strategies will help salons gain like-minded clients.

7) Oral Genome

Oral Genome

Tina Saw, Founder

Oral Genome is reimagining dental prevention by developing a science-based at-home dental wellness test strip that instantly and accurately provides deep dental insights and personalized oral health advice in seconds straight to your phone.

8) Panic Panties 

Panic Panties

Maria Marino, Founder

We’re 3 women who were in a panic. Why? Because we were at the gym, on our period, on a trip, & suddenly needed a new pair of panties. Not the archaic granny panty found at your local drug store. We’re talking comfortable, stylish, modern underwear. So we created Panic Panties—pre-washed, individually-wrapped, PREMIUM underwear sold where & when women need them most. Grab them in a time of need from our convenient retailers, or stash them in your bag as a purse essential #NeverBeWithoutaPair

9) PetPath


Alex Ehrich, Founder

PetPath is a mobile application that turns veterinarians’ discharge instructions into interactive learning paths. This creates operational efficiencies, reduces staff burnout, and improves client experience!

10) Purposer


Joline Mann, Founder

Purposer is an online marketplace to shop, sell and support brands that make a positive impact on the world. Our solution is to create a an ethical marketplace for purposeful brands where sellers can thrive. We have a range of product categories from clothing to home goods to pet care and over 35 social and environmental causes.

11) Savorite


Jason Cabildo, Founder

Here at Savorite, we’re dedicated to making it more affordable for everyone to dine out at quality restaurants. Through our technology, our mission is to ensure the continued success of local restaurants by helping them generate demand during off-peak hours — we help fill their empty tables and increase pickup sales while making it possible for our members to eat out at discounted rates. We’ve signed up thousands of members and are currently driving demand to 130 restaurants, bars, and cafes.

12) Vistim Labs

Vistim Labs

James Hamet, Founder

Vistim Labs uses data science to help clinicians and researchers detect and track neurological disorders, both in pre-symptomatic stages and as the disease becomes more developed. Our flagship product, CASBA, provides value to pharmaceutical companies by using stimulated brain activity to directly & objectively measure real-time previously-imperceivable cognitive changes to recruit early-disease patients for clinical trials and to measure efficacy of treatment.

Join us for Incubator Open Sessions

We’re excited to work with these startup companies for the next few weeks. We’re inviting the community to join us during the Startup Incubator Open Sessions, these sessions are topic-led virtual sessions meant to educate the companies on strategy and best practices. Community members are encouraged to join and tune in. 

Ella Napata

March 28, 2024
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