5 Reasons to go to the 10th Annual San Diego Startup Week

Posted: September 21, 2022 by the Startup San Diego team

5 Reasons to go to San Diego Startup Week 2022

With San Diego Startup Week around the corner, we want to give you 5 reasons to attend! This annual event is celebrating 10 years of conference success and we want you to be a part of it. Here are 5 reasons to go:

1) Network with the startup community

network with the startup community

For the 10th Annual San Diego Startup Week, we are expecting over 1,500 attendees, 25+ Startup/partner expo tables, 30+ keynote speakers, and 15+ workshops. This is an amazing opportunity for community members, founders, entrepreneurs, students, and professionals to come together and network with each other and network with new people in the startup ecosystem.

2) Learn how to grow your startup

learn how to grow your startup

Startup Week will be featuring our Startup Incubator Program where 10 local startups were chosen to work with topic experts for startup growth. Community members are welcome to attend Incubator open sessions and learn from some of the best in Product, Design, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and more. We also have workshops focused on 8 different tracks: founder & people, data & customer, marketing & sales, and design & developer meant to teach you innovative strategies and best practices.

There’s a learning opportunity for everyone at San Diego Startup Week. Whether you’re a seasoned startup founder, trying to launch, a student entrepreneur, or looking to validate your idea, this is the perfect place to learn and discover.

3) Meet the right people

Meet the Right People

The caliber of people that attend Startup Week are folks willing to give up a part of their day in order to learn more about startups, connect with other founders, and discover new strategies to grow their business/startup. These are diverse individuals with different strengths, lived experiences, and have the entrepreneurial spirit. Meet the right people at Startup Week, and find your future CTO, designer, marketing professional, or new colleague or friend. There are a million chances to network and get to know people throughout the 4-days.

4) Validate your idea

Find a mentor

Are you wondering if your idea could make it into the market? At San Diego Startup Week we offer workshops for every level of the startup stage, from ideation to creating an MVP, design, and launch, there’s a workshop or keynote for you that will support your idea or help you create a new strategy. If you’re also interested in starting a new business, San Diego Startup Week is a great place to learn how and connect with people that can help you.

5) Find a mentor

find a mentor

One of our mottos at Startup San Diego is Community over all! We have an amazing circle of startup experts, founders, professionals, investors, educators, and entrepreneurs that have volunteered their time to speak at our conference, guide startup founders, mentor students, and community members. Attendees get the chance to network with our speakers and workshop leaders and hopefully find mentorship opportunities.

Join us for San Diego Startup Week!

Startup Week only happens once a year, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to grow and meet other amazing people passionate about tech, startups, and all of the above. We’re excited to bring the community together for this in-person event and celebrate the diverse startup ecosystem here in San Diego. See you at #SDSW2022!

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