Local Startups on a Mission

A group of entrepreneurs got together yesterday to discuss how they can help San Diego startups grow into strong companies. Some of the groups that I have been a part of in the past never came up with these simple tasks to help each other out.

This type of leadership is about building a community that benefits everyone instead of just trying to help yourself.

One of the leaders of the group Yashar states:

” Our mission is to help one another elevate, get traction, connections, and being a source for potential partnerships.”

Here are some of the amazing things the group has already done

  • Built a website called LocalStartups.co that will allow startups and entrepreneurs in San Diego to be able to highlight their product and allow users to try it. The site will also be a map of where the startups are located
  • Decided that this is a website & group that will be inclusive of all in the startup community, including young startups, established startups, investors and anyone who want to help grow this community
  • Established a twitter handle @localstartups as well as a code to follow and retweet all member of the group
  • Established an identifier that will be worn during startup week and around town to identify all startups or people involved in helping the startup community grow
  • The group will use as many of the local startups technology as possible. The site will be on the Zesty platform, meetings will be organized by CrowdClock, podcast will be using some sort of audio technology by Zambig and logos are being created with Brandisty‘s brand storage and distribution.

As you can see the idea of this group is startup community building, collaboration (like they do in Silicon Valley) and idea sharing. It’s a team of entrepreneurs who are deciding to lead by example and build this startup community of creative individuals who can help build a vibrant ecosystem.

It is inclusive to all who want to join.

Sign your startup here localstartups.co and join the community.

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