Meet Our AI Panelists for the Upcoming 1st Mondays

Posted: May 24, 2023

By Ella Napata

1st Mondays June 2023 Featured Panelists
Find out how AI is transforming the startup space. From HR, software, communications, technology, & the biotech space, learn from the best.

We’ve rounded up a talented group of AI specialists that have seen firsthand the impact of AI in their respective fields. From HR, software, communications, technology, operations, and the biotech space, join us 1st Mondays to learn from the best. 

Cheryl Goodman, Startup San Diego Vice Chair and Founder of will be moderating the panel and will focus the discussion on how founders and aspirational founders can leverage AI to supercharge their growing organizations.

Meet our panel of experts: 

Elisette Carlson

Elisette Carlson is a high-energy hyper-connector, and Partner at Executive Search firm Boyden where she puts ultimate value on personal relationships. An accomplished entrepreneur and consultant, Elisette’s long career in the consumer sector is defined by an exceptional ability to develop genuine client relationships and build high-performing teams. In Elisette’s 30+ years of experience, she has built a track record of delivering bottom-line growth for her clients. Having founded a Marketing & Public Relation(ship)s® Agency, SMACK! Media, Elisette has positioned herself as a trusted talent partner and advisor to start-up CEOs, venture capital, and private equity funds in the health, wellness, and consumer sectors.

Vincent Paquet

Vincent Paquet is Chief Product Officer at Dialpad. At Dialpad, Vincent oversees all product design and development and manages the engineering team. Prior to Dialpad, Vincent was Group Product Manager for Google Voice, which he helped launch. He joined Google with the acquisition of GrandCentral, which was acquired by Google in 2007. From 2006 -2007, Vincent was co-founder and COO of Grand Central. Prior to co-founding GrandCentral, Vincent was Director of Business Development at Yahoo! focused on the voice communications group.

Julio De Unamuno IV

Julio de Unamuno IV Growing up between the Bay Area and San Diego, Julio straddled the tech and life science ecosystems his whole life. Using predictive, computational chemistry tools he accelerated the pace of discovery and published his work on a potential anti-cancer therapeutic as an undergraduate. As Founder & CEO of LabFellows, he has raised millions from top-tier VCs to automate Lab Operations (LabOps) for the most disruptive biotechs in the industry. He has two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry ranging from R&D, FDA regulatory compliance, and manufacturing to business development with Fortune 200 companies. Under the HomeLab brand, his company operates biotech startup accelerators. He also serves as the Executive Director of the CNT Accelerator at UC San Diego’s Center for Novel Therapeutics. In his personal capacity, de Unamuno also supports startups through his roles as an UCSD Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) with UC San Diego’s Office of Innovation and Commercialization. Julio also chairs ePIC BIO, a national consortium digitizing the life sciences supply chain. Mr. de Unamuno holds degrees in Biochemistry from the University of San Diego and an MBA from the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego.

Andy White

Andy White An early investor in AngelList, 500 Startups, and Buffer. Startup Operations at Keshif Ventures focused on data science-centric companies in San Diego.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to network with our expert panelists and the startup community. This will be a sold-out event happening Monday, June 5th at the HomeLab Torrey Pines campus. Get your tickets to 1st Mondays before it runs out.