Sip N’ SaaS – Day 3 of San Diego Startup Week Recap & Photos

Posted: October 31, 2023

By Ella Napata

Sip N' SaaS - Day 3 of San Diego Startup Week

Day three of San Diego Startup Week took place at The LOT in Liberty Station, and we held the Sip N’ SaaS networking event Powered Logicboost Labs.  This night focused mainly on celebrating the B2B SaaS community. We held a  quick lightning round of “Ask/Offer,” with attendees writing down what they’re asking for (ex. funding, engineers, developers, etc) and offering (services, AI expertise, etc.). After, we went straight into a networking extravaganza. Over 250+ attendees came for this sold-out event and delicious tacos and drinks were served.

San Diego Startup Week Day 3

Josh Frankel, VP Of Marketing At Logicboost Labs“The Sip N Saas event on Wednesday was a fantastic opportunity for those already immersed in SaaS and those just starting their journey. The incredible support and camaraderie within the community was truly inspiring. We were thrilled to be surrounded by such a vibrant group of people. Events like these make us excited about the future of local startups. We look forward to hosting and attending more such gatherings in the future, where we can continue to learn, connect, and grow together.” – Josh Frankel, Vice President of Marketing at LogicBoost Labs

About the Logicboost Labs Team

About the LogicBoost Labs Team

LogicBoost Labs has the expertise, experience, funding, and connections to make your startup succeed. They are always interested in new ways to change the world for the better.

LogicBoost Labs was created by Jonathan Cogley to accelerate growth for pre-revenue and early-stage startups. Jonathan had a successful exit with his cybersecurity startup (Thycotic) back in 2015 and, since then, has been mentoring and providing angel investment to startups. LogicBoost Labs is now kicking that process into a higher gear with more capabilities and resources to further increase the likelihood of a startup’s success.

LogicBoost Labs is a place where new ideas can be tested out with solid support in terms of experience, skills, funding, and connections. Building a successful startup is hard, and having the right people involved is key.