Startup San Diego Quarterly Tech Report: #CES2024, SD Startups, Cutting-Edge AI & XR Breakthroughs

Posted: February 5, 2024

By Ella Napata

SSD SD Quarterly Tech Report Wrap Up

The Startup San Diego quarterly tech report featured a conversation between Cheryl Goodman, Vice Chair of Startup San Diego, and Vishal Shah, GM of XR & Metaverse at Lenovo. They discussed key themes and innovations from CES 2024, opportunities for startups, and predictions for 2024.

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Overview of Top Trends from CES 2024

Vishal outlined three major trends from CES 2024: pervasive AI, especially generative AI integrated into devices and workflows; renewed excitement around AR, VR, and spatial computing with new tech innovations; and advances in monitors, TVs, and other displays enabling more immersive visual experiences.

He also highlighted a major focus on connected intelligence across verticals like health and smart homes, with more sensors and edge capabilities added. Cheryl agreed that AI was powering many startups at CES, providing real business value versus just hype.

Opportunities for Startups with AI PCs and Accessibility Tech

The conversation explored opportunities for startups in AI PCs and accessibility technology. Vishal explained how AI PCs will move from public to private models, becoming digital assistants customized to individual and enterprise needs. This will enhance workflows, analysis, and creativity.

Cheryl discussed an accessibility startup,, which used innovative sensors to help Stevie Wonder navigate CES. As populations age, startups have huge opportunities to solve vision, hearing, and mobility challenges. AI and sensors can bring accessibility to the mainstream.

Connectivity and Data Infrastructure Innovations

With the exponential growth of connected devices, sensors, AR/VR, and autonomous vehicles, connectivity and data infrastructure is crucial. Vishal and Cheryl discussed innovations like WiFi 7 and 5G and photonics startup PhotonFi using light for high-speed, secure connectivity.

As connectivity increases, cybersecurity threats grow too. AI security will be needed to combat AI hacking threats. Data privacy and protection will be major enterprise and consumer concerns.

Predictions for CES 2024

For 2024 predictions, Vishal stressed that 2024 will be a big sustainability test for the current AI hype cycle. Startups must focus on real-world outcomes versus extractive AI to differentiate themselves. He expects to see more innovation in XR with compelling content and solutions.

Cheryl proposed a Startup San Diego collaboration lab at CES to showcase San Diego’s innovation. She and Vishal agreed San Diego’s startup ecosystem is thriving thanks to its supportive community.

Key Takeaways

CES 2024 showcased AI innovations, spatial computing, immersive displays, connected intelligence, and accessibility technology. As connectivity and data flows accelerate, cybersecurity and privacy will be crucial. For startups to sustain success, they must deliver real-world value, not just hype. CES 2025 will test emerging technologies while offering opportunities for startups. San Diego’s collaborative startup community makes it an ideal hub for tech innovation.

Ella Napata

March 28, 2024
8 min read