Startup Pitch-Off

What: Early-stage Startups pitch their idea to available developers in order to garner their interest and support.

Where: EvoNexus, 101 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101

When: TBA

If you are an early stage founder who needs a developer to make your idea a reality, StartupSD has a program for you!

You can now “Pitch to a Developer” and get the technical help you need to develop your concept. StartupSD has reached out to developers, Code School and practicing technical community to include the right mix of coders, engineers, developers who are interested in working with very early stage companies.
The rules are simple:
  • You will get 5 minutes to describe your idea
  • State what you need from a developer
  • The experience you need, from an intern, or code school attendee to a senior developer
  • If you will pay for the work, how much you have budgeted
And, state whether you have done any preliminary market research, customer surveys or other estimate of the market for your app, product, service or game.
We encourage you to apply, now, for the pitch sessions.

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  • You will join the following group(s):
  • Add the company's name, if appropriate

  • Briefly describe your company, or idea. Include how far along you are in its development (i.e., still an idea, very early in market identification, etc.).

  • I am serious about this project
    I will move forward if I can get the technical help I need
    I am still evaluating this and may not proceed

  • Estimate, to the best of your ability, the level of help you need to successfully move your project forward

  • Full Stack
    Other CMS

    Estimate, to the best of your ability, the level of help you need to successfully move your project forward

  • Indicate whether you can pay for the development work, or you are open to unpaid student or intern.

* required information


  • You will join the following group(s):
  • Company name, Code Academy , College or Tech School Name

  • Full Stack
    Languages Only (C#, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, etc.)
    Databases (Mongo, MySQL, etc.)

    Check all that apply

  • Payment only
    Will work for experience
    Student project

    Check all that apply

* required information