San Diego Startup

Apply to be a Startup Week Speaker

San Diego Startup Week
May 26 – 30, 2020
San Diego Convention Center

Thank you for your interest in speaking at San Diego Startup Week!

Applications are now closed. We are currently reviewing the applications and will have speakers selected in early 2020!

The sessions throughout San Diego Startup Week are organized into eight tracks that are oriented around key functional roles within a business.


The Founder track helps first-time founders and seasoned entrepreneurs alike, covering all aspects of starting a business. Learn how to identify your ideal customer and target market, workshop your pitch deck to prepare for raising your first round, and hear from successful founders about the lessons they learned along the way.


Great design can make or break your company. Wildly successful companies like Apple and AirBnb understand this and weave great design into the heart of their products. This track is for founders, entrepreneurs, designers, product managers, who care about the customer’s experience with your products. General topics include sessions that cover the fundamental topics within Design. For those more experienced with design, intermediate and advanced sessions provide spaces to talk about trending topics within the design community. 


Marketing is the process of getting people interested in your company’s product or service. This is done by performing market research, analysis, and understanding your ideal customer’s interests. This track will focus on branding, advertising, analytics, content marketing, social media, marketing automation, and more.


Sales is a discipline that is both art and science, where natural ability only gets you so far, and experience separates the best from the average. This track will focus on both inbound and outbound sales, insider techniques, funnel optimizations, analytics, tips and tricks from industry experts, and more.


People are the heart and soul of any company. This track focuses on what is needed to build culture, teams and communities, and how companies foster their cultures to attract value-aligned talents for mutual growth.



Customer experience is the pulse of every business. Great experiences fuel business growth and increase revenue. This track will focus on customer service, support, and success to provide a comprehensive review of every stage of the customer journey.


In order to succeed in the modern world of business, companies have begun relying more heavily on data to guide the decision-making process. From collecting, to analyzing, to gleaning insights, this track is designed to cover some of the most cutting-edge techniques for taking a data operation to the next level.


Software is the backbone that modern businesses are being built on and the development landscape is constantly being reinvented with new tools, frameworks, and languages. The talks in this track will focus on providing developers with a glimpse into what’s happening in the development world, highlighting both the new, and the cutting edge.