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Startup San Diego operates specific programs and services to help startups reach their highest potential. We encourage startups, mentors, investors and domain experts to become active members of the growing startup ecosystem!

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Startup San Diego’s Mentor Program has been revised and renewed to include more local tech focused startups from ideation through seed stage growth. Apply now to learn from experienced startup mentors who will help you to overcome the inevitable hurdles that slow all company formation efforts, from the single, early stage founder to more developed and experienced teams.

Success is more likely when like minded, focused, individuals help each other to achieve their goals. Apply now!

Startup San Diego wants you to get involved in growing our tech startup community as a Mentor or Domain Expert.

You should be a Startup San Diego Mentor if:

  • you’ve gone through the grind of bringing an idea to fruition,  maybe even a couple of times
  • you pivoted after finding no product market fit
  • you pitched to Angels and VC’s
  • you had a successful exit
  • or pulled the plug after after exceeding your runway

Then, you’re a Mentor and well qualified to help other, active founders, and guide them through the thicket of potential problems to building a successful San Diego startup.

You should be a Startup San Diego Domain Expert if you are:

  • an attorney who advises early stage companies in various categories of law related to company formation, conservation and protection of IP, co-founder agreements, term sheets, employment law, etc.
  • CPA who advises startups on setting up financial spreadsheets
  • Engineer with domain expertise in various technical disciplines
  • Developer who can advise on applying various software technologies to MVP development
  • Advertising and/or Marketing agency who can advise on most effective techniques to build company awareness
  • etc.

and you enjoy helping startups with understanding how to apply your expertise to the issues they face in building their companies in a competitive environment.

A few hours a month, or quarter, can make a great impact on both individual companies and our entire startup ecosystem.

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This program connects San Diego startups with local domain experts in various fields (e.g. company formation, technical, design, legal, marketing) for private, individual, meetings with direct feedback and guidance. As an early-stage startup, you get to answers to the serious questions that you may have in building your company.

Have an existing business that needs to stay competitive? Grow your bottom line without the massive investment in Research & Development with Strategic Partnerships. San Diego’s Start up environment is attracting and investing millions of dollars that can help your company grown and stay competitive.

SeedSD connects early stage investors with the best startups in town. Our goal is simple — get companies funded. We bring together active angels, experienced entrepreneurs, and startups seeking capital in an informal setting that fosters conversation and collaboration.