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Amore Kitchen

We sat down with Chef Angela, owner of Amore Kitchen. Learn more about the challenges she's faced as she went from school teacher to business owner.


Learn more about Programination, an IT, tech, and website development company based in San Diego.
Angela Marino, Evolution Smart Bags

Evolution Smart Bag

Learn more about Evolution Smart Bag and how the founder, Angela Marino, went from idea to concept to shipping out her first orders within a couple years!
Business AF Podcast

Startup Spotlight: Business AF Podcast

Meet Chris and Marisa, co-hosts of the Business AF podcast, a weekly LIVE podcast that features business owners, industry experts, professionals and more. Learn what challenges the hosts have overcome and what makes them tick.

Startup Spotlight: SOUL MUCH

Written by: Karla Amador, Brian Pitts, and Hayley Brooks Interview…

Startup Spotlight: Frendli

Frendli is a mobile app that helps people meet new friends by connecting them with people who share their interests, activities, tastes, aspirations, location and lifestyle. We match people together in small groups of two to four and help them break the ice and start a conversation in the app. Next we incentivize them to go offline and build friendships face to face in the real world by offering deals and discounts on experiences they share an interest in.

Startup Spotlight: Classy

Founder Q&A: A Conversation with Scot Chisholm   Author:…
Jason Calcanis
Jason Calcanis

Spotlight on BevSD: Three Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

  We San Diegans don’t need fancy stats to prove our…
Jason Calcanis

Spotlight on GrowSD: The Highs (and Lows) of Legal Weed

The cannabis industry is booming. Last year, Colorado passed…
Jason Calcanis

GroundMetrics Inc. and the new generation of San Diego Startups

“My high school science teacher is holding a tennis ball in…