Building a Community Driven Marketplace with Joline Mann Founder of Purposer

Posted: June 29, 2023

By Ella Napata

The Startup San Diego team has had the privilege to work with countless of startups, whether it be through our Startup Incubator program, pitch competition, or meeting them at our San Diego Startup Week or 1st Mondays events, we’re grateful for each organization we’ve met and have gotten to support.

A community-driven startup, Purposer is a startup we want to highlight, because not only are they a deeply involved organization in the local ecosystem, but they amplify and provide a marketplace for purpose-driven brands.

Purposer is a marketplace platform with a vision to provide conscious consumers with a rewarding online shopping experience where they know that every purchase aligns with their values and makes a positive impact on the world, no matter how small. Purpose-driven brands have a business model that goes beyond profit and gives back to the world through good deeds, charitable contributions, a buy-one-give-one model, and more.

Purposer’s mission is to help entrepreneurs with a purpose build a flourishing e-commerce business and connect them with loyal shoppers that want to support brands that place purpose over profit.

Joline Mann PurposerSan Diego is a dream startup community. Not only do we have motivated entrepreneurs, but also a culture that fosters healthy and intentional businesses. My startup has flourished because of this awesome and supportive community. My team and I have taken part in many networking events, conferences, San Diego Startup Week and even the Startup San Diego incubator.

The Startup San Diego team would always invite us to participate somehow so that the events were fruitful and engaging. For example, we’ve had booths at events allowing us to showcase our business and get feedback from our peers. Also, the incubator workshops and mentors helped us strategize go-to-market plans, something that is invaluable for a new business.

Therefore, it is our honor to be a San Diego-based startup and announce that we have just launched! Purposer is the culmination of much hard work and gratitude! The idea for Purposer came about because I wanted to combine my love for shopping and the desire to support purposeful brands that give back to their community. Instead of just making one product though, my team and I believed that we could support a larger group of awesome but unheard of brands that are doing great work! We wanted to create a supportive, affordable e-commerce platform and give them a voice among mainstream shoppers. Thus, Purposer was born!

It’s a two-sided marketplace where brands can list their products that support a community, cause or charity, and on the flip side, shoppers can buy their favorite products and know that they’re making a positive impact on the world. We like to say that when you shop on Purposer, you change the world, one purchase at a time! And furthermore, we love to be “Purposers”.

Purposers are people who have a unique purpose in their life and cultivate this purpose to better the world around them. We gratefully invite everyone to discover the brands that have inspired us and are doing their part to change the world! On Purposer, we have over 40 different causes that you can search by, so that you may find brands that align with your personal passions, values and beliefs! We also have a variety of products ranging from home goods to clothing to accessories to pet care and even food treats.

Shop on Purposer and get 15% OFF by using the code: StartupSD15

Purposer is Looking for Sellers

The Purposer team is excited to share their marketplace with you and the amazing missions behind their brands. If you know of a mission-driven business, please let them know about Purposer. They are always searching for vendors that place purpose over profit.

The Future is Bright for Purposer

Purposer’s intention is to continue growing in the San Diego community and giving back as well, through working with charities, and nonprofits and supporting local businesses. They believe communication, support, and encouragement among peers is vital to a sustainable business and the San Diego Startup community.