PetPath Reimagines the Doctor-Patient Relationship – Startup Incubator Alumni Success

Posted: May 25, 2023

By Ella Napata

Startup Incubator Alumni Alex Ehrich, PetPath

During our 2022 Startup Incubator program, our Startup San Diego team of board members and mission specialists supported 12 talented startup founders to accelerate their companies for growth. We had Incubator sessions focused on startup fundraising, PR, marketing, product development, and more, led by industry experts.

One of the outstanding startups that stood out was PetPath led by Co-founder and Director of Partnership Development and Operations, Alex Ehrich.

PetPath bridges the gap between veterinarians and clients when caring for their pets. By using PetPath, clients will feel confident having access to veterinarian-approved information right in the palm of their hand through an easy-to-use app. Guiding pet parents day-by-day, the PetPath app keeps them engaged and active in their pet’s health care plan.

Take a look at what Alex had to say about the program and the success they’ve had since: 

Alex EhrichThrough the Incubator program, we were able to accelerate and refine PetPath in ways that would have been tough to complete on our own.

The mentorship and guidance provided by the industry leaders and mentors helped us focus our efforts on the areas that would have the most impact on our success.

They helped us identify our unique value proposition and develop a growth strategy that has doubled our ARR since we finished the program.

In addition to the mentorship, the connections we made through the incubator program were invaluable! We were able to connect with other entrepreneurs who were going through similar experiences, and the support and camaraderie we shared were priceless.

Additionally, the program provided us with access to a broad network of industry leaders and investors, which have been instrumental in helping us grow our business.

Overall, we are incredibly grateful for Startup San Diego and the opportunity to participate in the Incubator program. The experience was a game-changer, and I would highly recommend it to other entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level. 

We have been heads down working on a few major projects that we are eager to share with the veterinary and Startup San Diego community. If you are not already following us I would highly recommend following PetPath on LinkedIn and reaching out to me (Alex Ehrich) there as well!