Startup Incubator Alumni Success: WEALTHAWK

Posted: February 6, 2023

By Ella Napata


Since 2020, Startup San Diego has been hosting a one-of-a-kind Startup Incubator program designed to connect local founders with expert training, mentorship, and community to help grow and scale their companies. This no-cost, no-equity virtual program has supported over 30+ startups over the years and we’re delighted to see how far they’ve grown.

Our Startup San Diego team recently spoke with Lori Thiel,  a Startup Incubator program alumni and Co-founder and CEO at WEALTHAWK, an easy to use wealth-management focused CRM. Here’s what Lori had to say about the Startup San Diego Incubator program and how it’s benefited their startup:

Lori ThielStartup San Diego was my first foray into the startup community. My team and I had just created our company WEALTHAWK and were iterating our MVP. Though I had experience in leadership and running organizations, and my tech team was highly educated and skilled, this was our first time creating a C-corp together. We were looking for direction and resources when we found and applied for Startup San Diego. We were so fortunate to be chosen for Startup Month, where we participated in the incubator program and pitch competitions and were connected to resources to help us through our crucial startup phase. I am still in touch with many of the people I met through Startup San Diego and have been supported through a couple of minor pivots and some setbacks.

I’m happy to say that since our inception less than 18 months ago, we’ve successfully built and beta-tested our platform and have onboarded our first customers! This has been a gratifying experience, and I credit much of our success to the great and early start we got with Startup San Diego.