DoWhop Freelancer Fair

Find talent, meet clients–entrepreneurial activities for SDSW attendees!

This year at Startup Week, freelancers of all backgrounds are invited to exhibit their skills at the inaugural DoWhop Freelancer Fair. Flipping the tables on finding talent, exhibitors will showcase what they do through small, in-person interactions (a.k.a. DoWhops). Attendees will meet local developers, designers and innovators at this hands-on fair.

Local startup DoWhop connects people through shared experience. This fair will connect independent contractors, consultants, freelancers, and solopreneurs with potential clients, colleagues, and friends. Share what you do by registering here:

Hey entrepreneurs: need talent? Stay local! San Diego is full of talented individuals willing to share their expertise with you. Book online, meet in person:

We hope you will join us on Tuesday at 11:30-2:30. Come to the fair, and DoWhop you love!

Target Audience & Channel

Entrepreneurs – find local talent and unique experiences

Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Contractors – meet clients

Mentors, Speakers, Advisors – meet entrepreneurs

Attendees – meet San Diego’s freelance community

Exhibitors – connect with fellow entrepreneurs

DoWhop URL:
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