Product Management

Too many products are solutions looking for problems. From ideation to maturity, brilliant products are built on solving clearly understood problems with well-defined value to customers you can reach. This series of six interactive sessions will provide you with best practices to ask smarter questions, solve important problems, build better products, and make great things happen.

Learn from leading practitioners and put the best practices to work immediately. Each workshop is designed to illuminate and give you the tools to answer a key question that will help drive the success of your products:

  • Where do you begin in turning your idea into a business?
  • What data should you pay attention to?
  • What does a Product Manager do?
  • How do you explain a complex idea simply?
  • How can you observe your customers?
  • How do you validate that you are selling the right way to the right people?

Sessions are all workshops, with interactive and hands-on exercises.  Some of the workshops will ask you to pair up, some will have small group work, and some will give you a worksheet to complete for your real-world startup project. Come prepared to move, work, think, learn, and apply.

Who should attend product management sessions?

  • Startup Founders and CEOs.  The first head of product at any venture, you know your target market and their needs. You need to learn how to keep up to date, formalize your knowledge, and communicate it to the rest of the team. As your venture grows, learn when and how to bring in more talent to your product team.
  • Product Managers and Heads of Product. You are responsible for achieving product-market fit, so you immerse yourself in the world of your customers.  That leaves little time for building your product skills together with your product management peers. Take some time to refresh your skills, learn a new technique, and connect with other product teams.
  • User Experience Designers. In highly effective teams, UX designers and Product Managers work hand-in-hand to deeply understand a user’s problems and provide effective, elegant solutions. Join us to deepen your understanding of Product Management and the essential skills adjacent to your own.
  • Software and Hardware Engineers. You are mastering the skills to build products, and you wonder how a company ensures they are products that customers want to buy. Learn the techniques product teams use to understand what to build and why, before they hand it off to you. Collaborate better with your peers in product management, ask smarter questions, and build amazing products together.
  • Students. You think you want to be a product manager, but it’s not clear where you start and how you get from university to your first PM job. Get hands-on experience learning the skills and techniques that product teams use to define and launch world-class products.
  • Project Managers. Do your colleagues confuse Project management and Product management?  Can’t keep the titles straight yourself? Demystify this role with a title so very close to your own but with a very different focus.

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