Get to know the Startup Scene, its Convergence 2017!

January 25th – 27th, join us for a series of events specifically designed for getting new entrepreneurs and students incubated into the San Diego startup community. Orientation, Poker & Game Night, Internship Panel & Career Fair, Demo Night, Mentor + Domain Expert Hours, And The Downtown STARTUP CRAWL !!!

Thank you to Everyone for Contributing to an Amazing Startup Week!

San Diego Startup Week Tickets on Sale! June 13 – 17, 2016

Over 150 Events, 10 Tracks, 5 Days

San Diego Startup Week (SDSW) is the region’s premier catalyst for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurialism. Featuring a week of scheduled events, panels, and revelry in the heart of downtown San Diego, Startup Week showcases leading innovators in Software as a Service (SaaS), consumer Internet, mobile tech, hardware, and defense tech. Participants include San Diego’s brightest entrepreneurs, top-tier regional and national investors, strategic advisors, and high profile community and political supporters, all of whom contribute to San Diego’s thriving startup ecosystem.


Startup Week Highlight Events


Kicking off with Opening Ceremony

SDVG hosts Keynote Speaker, Mark Suster

Entrepreneurs Trek the Streets Downtown for the Startup Crawl

SD Tech Founders Showcased 7 Growing Startups at Demo Night

The 2016 San Diego Startup Festival at Quartyard Open to the Public with Startups Tables and Live Music.


StartupSD San Diego Startup Week Social Track Events Crawl

SDSW 2015 — Social Events

Miss March Mingle?  I mean like, late at night do you miss the chatting and music, fun and connections you make at Social Events?  Well get some sleep because Startup Week is right around the corner and there are so many ways to network with the San Diego Startup Community.  While the Social Events are not track specific,they are designed for participants to meet and mingle with local entrepreneurs.

Startup Week Starts up with Launch Fest Sunday June 14th 3:00 – 5:00 with booths lining the Broadway Pier.  An afternoon of informative fun connecting the startup scene with the entire San Diego community.  Local startups host booths with interactive demos, plus entertainment, all under sunny skies at Broadway Pier. The festival is free, family-friendly, and open to all.

Support the local startup community and join in on the fun! Check out 7CTOs, Around8, Branch Metrics, Brisk, Bulwan, DeskHub, Doctible, Faveo, GeekGirls, GoShare, Holonis, Ideator, Industry, LoanHero, Lumos, Moovdit, Opoli Technology, Pedicured, Phittle, Rendevu, Rewind, Soal, Spritzr, Swingby, Vionic, Webble, WowYow, Zesty, zipdev and more at Launch FEST!

Immediately following the Outdoor mingle is Startup Week’s Opening Ceremony in the pavilion on the Broadway Pier.  Live music, food and drinks with beers from local breweries and hundreds of local Startup members, investors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and students mingling on into the warm summer night!

Whatever fascinating, informational events you attend be sure to sign up for a Startup Crawl. Startup Crawl is a 21 and over event, bring ID, yep, even you Grampa. With 4 tracks and beer at each stop along the way The Startup Crawl is the best way to engage with businesses in their native environments and then party into the evening with the after Party at EvoNexus.  


  • Property Capsule (311 4th Ave. #605, San Diego)
  • Classy (533 F St #300, San Diego)
  • Take Lessons (225 Broadway #600, San Diego)
  • EvoNexus (101 West Broadway #200, San Diego)

Trek 2

  • Zesty (1045 6th Ave, San Diego)
  • Co-Merge (330 A St, San Diego)
  • Seamgen (919 4th Ave #200, San Diego)
  • EvoNexus (101 West Broadway #200, San Diego)

Trek 3

  • Holonis (750 B St. #1230, San Diego)
  • Zesty (1045 6th Ave, San Diego)
  • The Vine (101 West Broadway #1120, San Diego)
  • EvoNexus (101 West Broadway #200, San Diego)

Trek 4

  • DeskHub (2171 India Street, San Diego)
  • Webble / ChatMeter / Saambaa / Pet Partner (1133 Columbia, Second Floor, San Diego)
  • Real Office Center (101 Broadway, 3rd Floor, San Diego)
  • EvoNexus (101 West Broadway #200, San Diego)

Thursday come to Demo Night at the lIbrary where 7 local startups demo their wares. General Assembly (who’s working to transform thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design) will present.  

After the excitement of Demo Night, walk over to the After Party at Mission Brewery to decompress and socialize over a craft beverage.  High five the presenters, make new friends, sketch your next great idea on a cocktail napkin!

Friday night, don’t cry because even though it’s the Closing Event there’s still more to come on Saturday!  Keep checking back because as of today the Closing Event is in full stealth mode and you know what that means in Startup language… it’s BIG (and unpatented and quite possibly not ready for the world to see).

Just in case you’ve seen the same people one time too many (I’m talking to you, AJ @aj_tevora) hit the final event of Startup week, the Spritzr Tech Party at CoWork on 30th Street. (RSVP) for A night of mingling, jazz, craft beer, and games to round off San Diego Startup Week. The event is free for Startup Week ticket holders and $10 to the public

So put on your party pants and come out for some fantastic networking and good fun during the Startup Week Social track events.


StartupSD San Diego Startup Week Developer Track Events Launch Fest

SDSW 2015 — Developers Track

Being a Developer is not just about sitting in a code hole at 3:00AM fixing fork issues on production pushes (though, you do need to fix that fork issue). The Developer Track of San Diego Startup Week explores the many aspects of being a developer, working with developers, becoming a lead developer and being a great leader once you are a VP of Engineering or CTO. Wherever you are, or whatever your level of interest in the world of code and technology Startup Week’s Developer Track has something for you!

The Developer Track offers events to challenge your limits, open your eyes to new languages and get your creative and innovative juices flowing. Make no mistake, entrepreneurs will have just as much to learn and enjoy on the Developer tracks as coders will.

Get Startup Week kicked off right with 7CTOs (@7ctos) co-founders Michael Saul and Etienne de Bruin as they host the Innovative CTO Mini-Lab. This is the place to begin your Startup Week journey. Pick up coaching from executive development coach Michael Saul in EQ (emotional intelligence) and learn to think outside the box and lead from within your organization. This event is sure to start your week off in alignment with your best, most innovative self.  

Your cup will ‘runneth’ over with Leslie Fishlock of Geek Girl and her 1 Million Cups presentation on Tuesday June 16th from 9 – 10 am. Join Leslie as she introduces 1 Million Cups (1MC), a simple way to engage entrepreneurs in communities around the world. Each week, the 1MC program offers two local entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their startups to a diverse audience of mentors, advisors and entrepreneurs.

Bringing products to market is what it’s all about at the end of the day and at the end of the day on Wednesday from 5 – 7 pm you can join Daniel Marashlian CTO of Portfolium to learn about Product Development Basics: Software what it takes to bring software products to market in the San Diego Startup ecosystem.  Daniel is an entrepreneur with a long history as a developer and team leader.  He’ll be discussing off-shoring and in house hires, near-shoring and the advantages of different team configurations.

Friday morning join Nicole Leandra Creative Director of Creators’ink and get to know all you ever wanted to know about those WordPress templates, web hosting and hiring freelancers to customize your site.  Knowledge is power so come power up at the Website Creation and Useful Tools Seminar on Friday morning from 9  – 10am.

Friday afternoon it’s like Tinder for technology!  Join Etienne de Bruin, CTO of MAX HOA and CEO of 7CTOs for the Technology Hot or Not Panel as he moderates a panel of CTOs including Darryl Kuhn CTO of AristaMD, Michael McFadden CTO of Solute, Chris McCann CTO of Vor Data Solutions, Matt Cullerton CTO of F# and Jason Miller CTO of Quick Solar to name a few of the tech-savvy panelists discussing the best and most agile technology solutions for today’s technology leaders.

Don’t be shy, dive on in! These are just a sample of the wealth of technology offerings this year during the Developer Track events.  We can’t wait to see you there and don’t forget to BYOL (Bring your own laptop) if you hit the mini Magic Nights hackathon!!!


San Diego Startup Week – Recap & Thoughts

(repost from: & more details of the week @

Whew! San Diego Startup Week is behind us. I hope you were there, met someone interesting, enjoyed yourself &/or learned something. Thanks again to all our sponsors and volunteers that made it all possible – we couldn’t have done it without your efforts and support.

Personally, I am glad for many reasons, but generally 1) thought it was overall a success and am proud of what a small team was able to put together, 2) it was a huge improvement over what we were able to do last year and 3) we can finally relax a bit and get back to personal priorities.

In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share some takeaways, thoughts, and requests with the community. The organizers had a recap meeting a week after the event and synthesized your feedback from the survey (+ we want to hear more in the comments!).


  • Attendance. ~600-700 total attendees (~300 week long passes purchased, lots of one-off event passes sold) Almost all events were full, except end of week (burnout?)
  • Quality & Involvement. General caliber of events was vastly improved, still a range. 15 total events from 8 different startup organizations (+ some more the appeared last minute). Top 3 events (by ratings) were (in order): Opening Ceremonies, Tech Crawl, Mentor Night
  • PR. Attention in local press about the event, a few national pieces, even some TV spots!
  • Demographics. Especially impressed with the m/f balance (more than I’ve seen in any city)

Needs Improvement:

  • Better organization / information for events ahead of time
  • Too many parties.  One opening party and one to close would have probably been enough. Parties didn’t have the same attendance or energy as the week progressed.
  • Too many demos. While demos have their place, our feeling was there were ~4-5 pitch/demo-centric events within the same number of days. The events that were either geared towards topical issues or smaller interactions (or just fun) faired better.
  • Some events will be cut/changed as the response was only mediocre.

Future thoughts:

  • Moving the date so we have students in town
  • Topical tracks. Perhaps by stage (idea/team-building phase, pre-seed, post-funding) or biggest issues (like GTM or Customer Development or Fundraising)
  • Small interaction activities (more events like Mentor Night – one idea we plan to try is to enable groups of 4-8 people to grab dinner around town)
  • Career-fair type event for startups to recruit talent & interns (hopefully open-air)

Finally, we need your help! If you came to an event and want to help out (either during the year on some of our regular events or for next startup week – please let us know! Email me and we’ll find a spot for you.

Please feel free to comment or send us information / suggestions below.  Thanks again to the rest of the team, the sponsors and the volunteers for making it happen!


Austin is a co-founder of Startup San Diego, SD Startup Week and serial entrepreneur. His last company went through the Y Combinator program and was previously a mentor at TechStars & DreamIt while working as a venture capitalist. He survived MIT with degrees in EECS and Business and UPenn’s Wharton School for his MBA. He grew up in San Diego and returned 1.5 years ago on a mission to improve the ecosystem. For more about Austin – check out his blog: where he regularly posts about observations, tips & tricks for startups and his other passions (film, food & philosophy). 

SendGrid is Coming to San Diego – Free Event

After taking the SendGrid Delivered tour to fourteen cities across the US, South America, and Europe, we’re happy to announce that they’re heading to San Diego! This is a free event (downtown) with great speakers and SendGrid experts who will present the latest tips, tricks, and trends from the email world. Check out the agenda!


2:00 – 2:30 Welcome and SendGrid Email 101
2:30 – 3:15 Navigating the ISP landscape
3:15 – 3:45 Guest Speaker Presentations
3:45 – 4:15 The Current State of Email, 7 Billion a Month Doesn’t Lie 

Developer Track

4:30 – 5:30 How to Navigate SendGrid API’s

Non-technical Track

4:30 – 5:00 Tricks and Trends in Email Marketing
5:00 – 5:30 Tips for Incorporating Marketing Messaging into Transactional Email

Sign up now for free!